Our baby girl's blog

I really wanted to start this blog so that I could share with all my friends back home who I can't be around all the happenings of my pregnancy and appointments.

And since this will be my last pregnancy, I wanted a little keep sake to reflect back on one day of everything that happened.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

31 week Baby Bump

I will try and get a better one up soon, a side view, but here I am head on - still feeling good about myself for the most part aside from all the varicose veins and spider veins.

And since I'm in Berlin, it's only fitting that I take it beside part of what's left of the Berlin Wall.

Week 30 update

Well this pregnancy just keeps getting more and more eventful.

Soon after my last update my best friend and her family left. The temperatures in Moscow didn’t get any better from there; in fact they continued to get higher and hotter. By the end of the first week of their departure, temperatures had reached the high 30’s and 40’s. With the high temperatures came forest fires and peat moss fires in the Moscow outskirts, and eventually with the forest fires and peat moss fires came a deadly smoke that drifted into the city.

Two weeks after the forest fires started temperatures in Moscow weren’t getting any better and were continuously staying in the high 30’s and early low 40’s, rain was non existent, and the smoke traveling in from the outskirts was getting worse.

Our Embassy decided that it was time to evacuate (although they won’t say this is what it was) all pregnant women (this was me), young children (this was most of the people I knew around me), and people with health or heart conditions.

By week three we found ourselves on a plane headed to Berlin, Germany. Not knowing what to expect when we got there, especially when it came to the language, I’m happy to say that everything is going well.

A week after being here, it was deemed that the cO2 levels in Moscow were still too high to return, but I had an appointment to check baby Mia’s health, so one was set up for me here. I have to say I was nervous, not going to Dr. Peter who was so use to my nervousness and who I’ve been with through the last two years, my miscarriages and our new baby’s progress. It gave me some insight into what going to a new doctor in Toronto will be like.

Everything went well though. The staff was friendly, they did my regular urine and blood pressure check, although no weight check (I love Germany), and a NST were given where I listened to our sweet baby girl’s heart rate for twenty minutes. It was music to my ears and had I been allowed I could have fallen asleep to it. I felt so in love in that moment, and was so glad to have that moment alone with her listening to her and feeling her kick more than I’ve felt in the last three weeks. The OB preformed an ultra sound and Mia and everything around her were perfect.

It was a relief to know that all the smoke, and all the toxins hadn’t affected her in any way. If I am still here in one-week still, I will get another appointment and experience it all over again.