Our baby girl's blog

I really wanted to start this blog so that I could share with all my friends back home who I can't be around all the happenings of my pregnancy and appointments.

And since this will be my last pregnancy, I wanted a little keep sake to reflect back on one day of everything that happened.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 36 / 37 update, missing my babies

Week 36 brings a wide range of emotions. I’m leaving home and my boys, but I’m leaving to give birth to my daughter. The last 2 years have come down to this. All the heartbreak, all the tears, and all the waiting are finally coming to an end. In four weeks I will finally be holding our miracle baby in my arms. In the meantime though, I cry, cry for those I leave behind, this time is so much harder than the last. I know that they will be well taken care of, that we’ve planned well for my absence, and I know that they are looking forward to meeting their baby sister just as much as their dad and I are to bring her home to them.

Week 36 ends on a good note with a special phone call from my little boo, he wants to read me his school books before bed. So bittersweet.

My 37-week appointment turns out to be uneventful, a simple heart rate check shows that Mia is doing well, and so far she shows no signs of coming anytime soon, but I still have three weeks left.

My selection for OB seems to be a good one, he’s soft spoken and kind. He’s moved my due date up to the 24th, it’s only a few days, but maybe that means she’ll be here sooner. This week I am focusing on packing for the hospital, I can’t believe how close the time is getting.